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Summer Tour

Summer tour is in the works, with NYC dates. Details soon to come…


SXSW has officially begun and there’s been a ton of great sideshow friends rolling through town. The Illustrated Penguin and Ballyhoo Betty performed together at the Museum of the Weird yesterday, after Penguin and Chris threw down at the world’s largest pie fight, and the Squidling Bros. performed an impromptu free show at Headhunters last night. What’s next? Who knows, but I think we’re getting sent off on tour properly this week!

Cut Throat is featured on

Check out this hilarious video featuring Cut Throat, soon to be teaming up with the Invisible Man Corp!


The Invisible Man Corporation’s very own Nos has been making waves in the horror industry. She co-produced Ratline, and trailers just hit the interwebs. Click here to check it out!


SXSW is undoubtedly an insane time here in Austin and the Invisible Man Corp. will be entertaining all around town during that stretch; check in on the Shows Page for updates. As if that weren’t enough, we will also be joined by a variety of guest performers, including Cut Throat Freakshow! Stay tuned…

Victoria, TX, you are a mysterious lady

After a 3 hr drive (admittedly with an accidental detour included), we arrived at a small town dive bar with a meager crowd. While we were at first skeptical, the crowd was incredibly receptive and loved the show. On our way out, a gun/knife fight erupted in the McDonalds parking lot over a belligerent line cut at the drive through. While we waited for the cops to leave, a truckful of cowboys from the show tossed us a generous tip (Thanks!). Downtown Bar & Grill- we will be back! McDonalds- not so much!