Pig Vicious – Our latest sponsor

Pic Vicious is one of Austin’s newest additions to the local food trailer scene. Allow me to decipher the name for you: The menu is bacon-centric and they love their old punk music. A recent review had this to say about this raukous new joint:

Parked at the newly opened East Side Drive In, this red/yellow food trailer from a pair of former 24 Diner chefs whips up punk-rock pork sammies like the Union Jack (bacon, lettuce, tomato, HP sauce, basil, olive oil, oregano), the Doc Marten (bacon, fried egg, tomato, cheese), and the Peanut Butter Monkey Pig (bacon, bananas, PB), plus sides like sausage mac n’ cheese and bacon-wrapped pickle spears, a throwback to the late ’90s, when people actually wanted to pork Spears.

Located at 1001 E 6th St, Pig Vicious is now a sponsor of the Invisible Man Sideshow Corp. We will be performing regularly in their lot, dazzling crowds with our fire and swords while they nibble on some bacontastic treats. Details to come…



Ballyhoo Betty Takes Sundays at the Museum of Weird

Ballyhoo BettyBallyhoo Betty will be performing Sundays from dusk till close at the Museum of the Weird. Come play with the fire!


Eric Odditorium this week at the Museum of Weird

Museum of the WeirdThat’s right, Eric Odditorium will be performing an array of sideshow stunts in the courtyard of the Museum of Weird every night this week (Monday-Friday) from 5 PM – close. Go say Hi! He promises to only stick his own hand in the animal traps.


Celebrate Halloween with your favorite sideshow troupe!

Halloween flyerThe Invisible Man Corporation will be performing at Austin’s Headhunters on Halloween this year. Now we know there’s a million events going on this most celebrated day, but where else will you see fire, glass eating, sword swallowing AND 12 bands, all for the low cost of $5? Shehanigans commence at 6 PM. Be there or be square.


Tour on the horizon

Hey everyone,

We’re gearing up for a mini-tour as we make our way to HorrorHound Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. We look forward to catching up with old friends along the way, and making some new ones.


Gig confirmed: October 16

On Saturday, October 16, come see The Invisible Man Corporation in Austin, TX at the Empire Automotive Warehouse (604 E 7th St next to Side Bar). There will be four dj’s rocking everything from punk to classic rock. Only a $5 cover and the proceeds benefit Austin’s Yellow Bike Project. See ya there.