SXSW has officially begun and there’s been a ton of great sideshow friends rolling through town. The Illustrated Penguin and Ballyhoo Betty performed together at the Museum of the Weird yesterday, after Penguin and Chris threw down at the world’s largest pie fight, and the Squidling Bros. performed an impromptu free show at Headhunters last night. What’s next? Who knows, but I think we’re getting sent off on tour properly this week!


Happy Birthday…

to Ballyhoo Betty! Don’t hand her anything with lit candles today; she usually just eats fire when it comes near her face.

The Invisible Man Corp. goes tweet crazy

TwitterThat’s right; The Invisible Man Corp. is now on Twitter! Get your carnie trivia, dirty jokes and troupe updates 24/7.

Official Twitter Handle: @InvisiblManCorp

Also, check out our newest comrade, Nos (@GOREWHORENOS) and Ballyhoo Betty (@HeyRubeCircus).